Google Desktop

Since I installed Comodo, I’ve been having problems with my Google Desktop Search (GDS). Every time I start up my computer, GDS won’t start up properly. It seems that GDS needs to load four .exe’s: googledesktop, googledesktopindex, googledesktopcrawl, googledesktopdisplay. Since I installed comodo, not all of these will load on startup. I’ve already added all four to Comodo’s application monitor, and even granted all four exe’s full access, GDS still won’t startup properly. I can manually start up GDS, but Comodo still sees it as unsafe and gives me warnings every single time. How can I fix this?

Welcome to the forum.
You can check the “skip advanced …” in the application monitor rule for your google exe’s. (that slows down the app a little when unchecked)

Then you should go to security/advanced/misc and check the “skip loopback…TCP”

Now you should rebot and see if it works.
Let us know how it goes.