Google Chrome was released 13. Comodo Dragon behind.

Already have a Chrome 13. A Dragon uses the engine of 12 versions. Do not order. How Comodo intends to correct this mistake?

idk why someone always has to post when chrome has a new version out. this board is for CD not to tell everyone that google chrome has version x out.

CD’s version 12 is better than chromes 13 & upcoming 14. So who is behind? Let me think…mmmmmmm…cccchhhhhrrrrrroooooommmmmmmeeeeeee.


And why not Comodo has developed its own engine? And if they borrowed the engine from Google Chrome, you have to keep pace with the times. And the developers have worked on some interface, so they just copied and stupidly did not bring back or anything of their own.

Please do a minor search in the Comodo Dragon forum and see that this has been discussed to death.

Comodo uses Chrome browser, takes out all the Google spyware and adds a few things of its own. That’s why it will always be behind.

If you don’t like that then use SR Ironware (don’t know how much that lags behind) or Chrome and sell your online soul to Google… :wink:

ChromePlus lags even more…they are still on v11…

I was about to mention that, too. I am devoted to all the non-Chrome Chromiums. Iron is in 13, Dragon is not far behind with 12, and ChromePlus! is behind with 11, barely working on releasing their 12, yet still haven’t.

[at]Black Star:
Don’t come here to complain, dude. They do it on their own pace if they have time to release it. I have the same bombardment in a videogame, saying that our gaming server is behind 2 versions over everyone. We will catch up when we have time to. (Let’s not forget that they are trying to add stuff that we have requested, I don’t know when they will release it, but they will someday.) :slight_smile:

Also, if you are so dedicated on the latest versions out there, go and use Chrome until Dragon is out with 13. Continue that stance and be happy. Or you can use Iron until Dragon is 13.

Stay up-to-date with Dragon’s version only, please. (You guys make it sound like Comodo’s team doesn’t know that Chrome is on 13 or that Chromium is being worked on 15. That’s just rude.)