Google chrome not detected by comodo firewall 5


After using comodo 4.1, I decided to install comodo 5.

I use the custom policy but when I use google chrome (v5 up to date)) I can access the internet without any warning from comodo that an application want to access the internet (the 4.1 version detected it and asked me what to do).

But firefox (ie) is detected as thunderbird or IE.

But several other applications aren’t detected when they access to the internet (such as newsleecher). And in Active connections, no trace of chrome, newsleecher, etc…

Just AVP.exe, svhost.exe, system.exe and several other applications listening.

What’s wrong, I don’t think it’s a normal behaviuour but I can’t figure why and how to solve it.

Subsidiary question, where is it possible to download the version 4.1 ??

TIA for your answers (and my apologies for my bad english).

what settings are you using?

firewall on custom mode? or safe? is something marked for creating rules for trusted applications? can you see a rule inside the firewall rules set about chrome? was it sandboxed?