Google Chrome fails misserably in the security field.

How often is not a new severe security hole found in chrome? they are all severe and they are found EACH WEEK. I don’t understand how stupid google can be that can release it as a ready software when its NOT.
They need to do proper testing and google chrome should still be considered beta, until people don’t find one-two securityholes every week that are severe as fuck.

Did you know, google chrome protects stored passwords the baddest in recent testing, Iam not surprised,

Chrome has had many privacy concerns too (sending info to google), Google chrome needs to prove it self, so far it has failed, how can you feel good browsing with something that history has shown being very buggy and security flawed? I will not use it, not in its current form.
Neither should you.

They say its a full version, well its not

Its really not ready to be used as a everyday browser due to its many security holes found almost every week, all it got is speed because they has a engine specifically designed for javascript, but thats not new, Firefox has had this function in beta a long time now.
Mozilla test everything so its not full of bugs instead of hurrying a new release.
Google tries to impress with new futures and is already planning version 2, witch probably will contain even more holes since new futures means more code that can be exploited.

If you want the speed of chrome but not all the security flaws go with firefox3.1 beta 2, If you don’t care for mili-seconds then you go with opera or firefox 3.0.5 or safari.

(IE is also a very hacked browser, suck as much as chrome)

Google chrome has a slick interface and speed. I wish that it had the security of Opera. I also didn’t like the service it starts-up on boot. :frowning:

I made the mistake of downloading and installing it. I hate goog products, they want to be in every part of your life. It took months to get rid of it all. The updater was the hardest. Who knows what they hid though. Never again!

If you don’t want the google updater, then download the full version:
That’s the link to the latest full version of the 2.0 branch. The thing is that you need to download each new version, but you get to choose when you want to update rather than Google doing it for you.


Google Security is so huge that even if you get warning “This site is infected” virus is somehow infects you anyway.