google chrome crashing after installing the firewall.

I had been using comodo firewall an all was working well and then all of a sudden (around September 7th, 2015) when I would open my chrome browser it would crash. After lots of trying to figure out what the problem was I found out that there was some sort of issue between google chrome and comodo firewall. I did post and apparently my post was merged with a group of others having the same problem.

I ended up uninstalling the comodo firewall and went back to using the Windows firewall program in the meantime.

I had the firewall program installed on this desktop running windows 8.1 64 bit as well as an old vista home premium laptop.

I left the program running on the old laptop since I only use that once every week or so.

About a week ago I tried using the laptop which is running the comodo firewall and I opened up the chrome browser and it is working perfectly now.

So I tried installing the comodo firewall onto this desktop running windows 8.1 (64bit) again and as soon as I opened up my browser it started crashing again. So I have again unistalled the comodo firewall :frowning:

I was going to try downloading it again and doing the install again from Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022 but then I came across this link for downloading the firewall program.

I really would like to go back to using the comodo firewall along with my google chrome browser on my desktop but now I am not sure which download to use or why the chrome browser crashed as soon as I opened it after installing the firewall again earlier today.

Any help would be so very much appreciate.

You probably had an older version of the CIS installer that had the issue with chrome, if you download the installer from the release topic
you should be good to go as it was released to specifically fix the issue with chrome crashing.

I will go to the link you suggested and download the firewall again and install it.

I am guessing that since I was having issues it was because I went to the main page and downloaded the software and did the install.

Thanks so Very Much for the assistance :slight_smile: