Google Chrome blocked

I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I haven’t actually seen anything about a fix.

When using Google Chrome, I simply get a blank page, no matter which website I try to go to.

Comodo Firewall, Defense+ or otherwise produce no popups for me to approve.

PLEASE do not suggest that I use Comodo Dragon - When someone phones and says, “My website doesn’t look right in Google Chrome,” looking at it in Comodo Dragon is useless.

If I can’t resolve this, we have to go to another security solution because we can’t sell our customers a product that blocks mainstream software with no work-around.

I have nothing against Comodo Dragon and will probably download it and see what we think, but as I said, it simply doesn’t work when someone calls up and says, “My website doesn’t look right in Google Chrome.”

Imagine this conversation:

Tech Support: Hello, tech support.

Customer: Hi, my website at doesn’t look right in Google Chrome. The right hand column displays under the main column.

Tech Support: I’m looking at it now, and I don’t see anything wrong.

Customer: Are you using Google Chrome?

Tech Support: No.

Customer: I told you I see the problem in Google Chrome.

Tech Support: Well, we don’t have Google Chrome.

Customer: How do I cancel my tech support subscription?

This isn’t really a solution, but I installed Comodo Dragon, and now Google Chrome works.

Haven’t investigated why, but when I installed Comodo Dragon, I didn’t get any pop-ups, probably because Comodo is a trusted publisher.

The mystery is why Google Chrome didn’t cause any popups even though Google is not listed as a trusted publisher.

In some ways, it’s more infuriating because if installing Comodo Dragon fixes Google Chrome, the Comodo developers must know how to fix the Google Chrome problem.

I’m happy to have Comodo Dragon on our machines, so it isn’t a problem for us, but we still can’t sell Comodo Internet Security to a customer without having a proper resolution to this problem.

google should be listed as a trusted publisher, it is on mine.

I use CIS and Chrome. All is fine…though I like Firefox better (except for the memory usage). :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what the problem is…

I just tried using Comodo with Google Chrome and there is a conflict. I am not sure how to tell Comodo that the Google Chrome is a trusted Publisher. However, as I see from the the other comments on this, it looks like it just isn’t going to work. Too bad.