Google Chrome and Comodo Free Firewall

I did a search and hit upon a thread that I think answers the question… but I’m going to ask the question again… does the Comodo Firewall and Google Chrome not mesh together for some reason? I’m coming from Zone Alarm products so I’m on a little learning curve here, but it seems odd that Google Chrome will not work nor am I getting any sort of allow/disallow option for it. Drilled down and from what I can tell in the program settings it should be OK… all other browsers work. Google Chrome is my favorite browser at present…


PS. Software is latest free firewall (4.0.xx) as of today and my machine is a Win7 Ultimate 32bit install.

What type of problems have you been having with Google Chrome?

Do you mean it won’t even start up?

No the program would start but would not load anything… the page with all the frequent page tabs was blank… a new tab with a url typed in would be blank as well, timing out essentially due to it being blocked I’m guessing. I’m typing this in Google Chrome with Comodo running… so I figured it out, sort of.

I uninstall-ed Comodo. I then reinstalled Comodo and chose the center option, which as near as I can tell installs with the same Firewall and Defense + settings. The Sandbox is disabled though… not sure if that is the issue at hand with Google Chrome not working, but that seems to be the fix for me.

Strange, but anyway my Windows 7 computers now talk to one another since Comodo doesn’t block IPv6 like the Zonealarm product.

Not sure if this helps…but…
Comodo and Google chrome work fine on my pc


I would like to notify a similar issue. I am using the Latest version of CIS’s firewall (4.1.149672.916) and am in the middle of a complete reinstall of my computer. I am using Windows XP Pro SP3.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention.

help me please!

My google chrome don’t work:


Comodo firewall v6.2.282872.2847

HIPS off Sandbox off

Opera work

A clean install is the only recommendation without more details. Use Revo uninstaller free if x86 or the 30 day demo if x64. Also Iobit uninstaller is good but the company is questionable (in my opinion). Once you uninstall and restart purge all trusted files, Hips and Firewall rules. Then reinstall.

questionable, why ???

Edit : Iobit ? The whole Malwarebytes thing and every application they have ever made demands internet access. The software is made in in a country that is totally controlled by the Government , and I’m basically paranoid about people because I know what they are capable of.