Goodbye PC Gaming

Well I finally got an Xbox 360 and man let me tell you. The hell with pc gaming. I am in heaven. Its awesome. Picked up GTA 4 and Halo 3… :BNC

Ive finished Halo 3 finally :slight_smile:


Cool…Whats your gamer tag for Live? Add me if you would do so. My name is Dieselman236… :BNC

Still setting up live :wink:


Xbox 360 really is a great system (when it doesn’t have hardware failures).

I also have a Wii and love playing Smash Bros. on it ;D

It is so nice to buy a game and come home and within 2 minutes your playing it. Try doing that with a pc game. Crysis took 35 minutes plus patching to install it.

Yep, no boot times, installation times are shorter (some games require install), patches install quickly, and best of all, you can hook it up to a big TV ;D