Goodbye Comodo

What with the constant attempts at downloading updates only to have them fail.
Sorry just to many faults for me to cope with.
I like the program when it is working it has some very good features.
One it really needs is a place to be able to tell it when to check for updates.

I heard that I will most definitely not let the door hit my ■■■■ on the way out. :smiley:

sorry to see you go Burko…

do u want our techs to take a look to see whats wrong?


Thanks for the offer.
I’m on dial up as i said and your techs need an adsl connection to hook to my computer.
I’ll keep dropping in and will see about using your program when this one runs out in 12 months.

Yep, Goodbye CIS for now. See

Dial up internet access would make the updates slow and sometimes fail.

What version of CIS are you using Burko?