Goodbye Comodo

Hey all, no hard feelings. Everyone here has been extremely helpful to me whenever I’ve had problems.

However, I got to the point where the constant, CONSTANT alerts were making me very angry. Even with installation mode on, I would still get ■■■■ alerts. I’ve also had various errors like ‘non valid win32 application’, limewire not being able to connect when installed, and various other programs not working. I’ve now installed another free firewall which so far is giving me no headache. I know comodo is regarded as the number 1 free firewall, but imo I think it’s really aimed for people who enjoy tinkering with firewall rules, and not really for the average user who just wants something lightweight and reliable running in the background with the occassional alert.

Thanks for everything though and good luck with your products. (:CLP) (:WAV)

You obviously didn’t read all the sticky notes or used install mode properly. Limewire for one doesn’t work anymore peroid. Its not just Comodo its Limewire itself. All new versions of Limewire have problems connecting even without a firewall. I use Frostwire. If you put Comodo into install mode before installing anything you DO NOT get alerts. I can prove this on both my pc’s. Also what mode did you have D+ in? I have had Comodo installed on both my pc’s for awhile now and no pop ups except when I install something new. Did you read this. Remember Comdo is more then a firewall. Its a firewall with HIPS. What programs didnt work? I can any program to work with Comodo. Just tell me and I will prove it. I manually add my programs to D+ and the firewall.

Proof people cant connect with Limewire.

Great alternative. Frostwire is Limewire Pro for free.

"Limewire for one doesn’t work anymore peroid. Its not just Comodo its Limewire itself. All new versions of Limewire have problems connecting even without a firewall. "

That must be why I can now connect to limewire and get tons of files appearing. 88)
Seriously, I had no problem connecting to limewire with my new firewalll, yet comodo kept giving me a message about not being able to initialise. I uninstalled comodo in safemode without a hitch, installed the new firewall, reinstalled limewire, and bam, working properly. Like I said, even in install mode, I would still get alerts on various programs.

Btw, I’ll also check out frostwire, not heard of that one before.

What version of Limewire are you using?

Version 4.18.1

It’s working fine for me. Hey I’m sure you can get any program to work with comodo, but like I said earlier, it’s not the easiest firewall for some people. I just don’t get on with it. Tbh, I was happier with v2 until I accidentally clicked on something which upgraded me to v3.

Read, learn and listen?

Are you guys here to deliberately patronise me? I’ve been with comodo for a good year and half now, and it’s too much like hard work. That’s why I uninstalled it and went for something else.

BTW its impossible to upgrade from V2 to V3 without a complete uninstall of V2. So you did not accidently click on something and presto now you have V3. I to was also new to Comodo V3 about 8 months ago or so but I took the time to learn. I asked questions and read the help file. Now I help others. Comodo V3 queits down after all your programs are learned. Give it 2 weeks or so. You will get NO alerts unless your using paranoid mode or something. Comodo does not give you constant alerts after months of being installed.

Actually, you’re wrong again. I had version I NEVER uninstalled v2. I clicked on something within comodo ( must have been an update button or something ) and before I knew it, I was running a completely different looking interface from v2.

But regardless Vettetech, and I appreciate you trying to keep me interested in comodo, but I don’t see the point in learning, reading and questions, when the firewall I have now is up and running with no hassle. I’m running sygate personal firewall pro 5.6. Yes, it isn’t supported anymore, but it’s regarded as one of the best firewalls and seems to be doing a good job.


Sorry for your problems- Really, If you just installed CFP 3, Leave it in Training Mode for a few days, then switch it back to Safe Mode or Clean PC Mode.

If you are sure your computer is 100% Clean use Clean PC Mode, If not, Use Safe Mode- For Clean PC Mode, No Alerts will be given to your currently installed applications, only new ones, etc. Which will cut the hassle factor- You can access Defense+ Settings by Defense+\Advanced\Defense+ Settings & Adjust.

When installing/uninstalling- use “Treat Application as- Installer or Updater” Where zero pop ups will be given during installation.

Overall, You will have max security.


If you are sure your computer is 100% Clean use Clean PC Mode, If not, Use Safe Mode- For Clean PC Mode, No Alerts will be given to your currently installed applications, only new ones, etc.

I would sincerely urge him to reinstall his OS.

After all that fumbling.


Maybe he’ll rejoin our community then?

Depends what kind off problems his having on his computer

Well, Only time will tell.


Hey guys, I bought a new DVD writer a couple of weeks ago which came with a Nero 7 essentials installation disc.
Could not install the software, nothing happened after clicking install. I posted on a DVD experts messageboard about it and they said it was to do with virtual drives I had which were conflicting and advised me to unmount all my virtual drives which I said I wasn’t prepared to do. Tonight, I decided to try the disc again and to my amazement, it installed perfectly. Here is an example of comodo stopping yet another program of mine from working, and there weren’t even any alerts. I’m sorry, but there is no way I’m ever going to install comodo again.

I installed Nero 7 months ago and it installed no problem. Sorry if you cant seem to make things work but I truly believe its not Comodo. I can get any program to work with Comodo.

Just so you know, I’m not trying to be rude or start an argument Vettetech, and I do appreciate you’ve personally had no problem with comodo. But since this a feedback forum, I’m just expressing my experiences. It IS comodo, because all the programs that didn’t work with comodo now work with comodo uninstalled. Yes I’m sure I’m probably doing something wrong but I’m unfortunately past caring now. It’s much easier with sygate.

Did you try training mode? Did you try adding the files to D+?

Why not try infrarecorder?
You don’t really need NERO (even if it’s a German proggie, lol).

INFRARECORDER IS SO MUCH LEANER, and it does work as intended.


And, yes, it’s free.

Nero is bloated garbage. I tried it for the heck of it. Takes up too mich space and ram. Ashampoo Burning Studio us what I use and its 1/4 the size and uses next to know ram. Understand something Roman. Comodo is more then a firewall. It is also a HIPS program. Sygate is just a firewall and cannot provide the same protection that Comodo can.

I read your post in Wilders and now I know for sure you did not take the time to learn Comodo. Of course D+ can be shut off. Its right in front of you. Of course Comodo didn’t alert you about Nero cause you were in install mode. Install mode is only a temporary mode till your done installing. Read Permans reply. Read Buzzstones reply. Your only saying goodbye to Comodo cause you were to stubborn to read and learn about it. I to was lost when I first installed it but I took the time to learn. Dont make a thread that Comodo is rubish just cause you didnt have the pateince.