Goodbye Comodo AV - hello Avast

Well, I’ve tried and tried and tried to like Comodo Internet Security, but I just can’t bear the millions of Allow this? questions! Give me a freeking break! How come other reputable products don’t do this? And how come CIS doesn’t even trust its own siblings???

I use Kaspersky for paid AV and AVAST for free on other PCs. I think that Comodo’s other products are good, but CIS is insane!

When you are installing something, choose “Treat as installer or updater” if you know that the application is harmless. But I agree, sometimes popups can be very annoying.

Yes it’s insane it treats all actions as suspicious and alert you to it. Only people suffering from obsessive complusive disorder on internet security would have loved it. And I’m ONE lol.

Okay it can be overwhelming if you do not know how to use it. Use trusted application for both defense+ and firewall when needed. And when installing or updating or uninstalling use treat as installer/updater and you’ll be fine.

Joke aside it may seem to be overwhelming but that’s how you defeat hackers. Until a capable AI can be developed for desktop PCs to make the choices for us. For now BLOCK EM ALL KID. lol.

My suggestion is to give COMODO time a month or so until you are familiar with it. It’s a powerful firewall. You’ll be missing a lot.

that is until you suffer from the same obsessive compulsive disorder by spending too much time on the internet. . . .and decided to finally give COMODO a 2nd chance :Beer

Actually this was the 3rd time I gave it a shot! I built a PC recently and wanted to populate it with all free s/w, like Open Office, Picasa, Advanced System Care 3, etc. I like the wide range of products from Comodo, and I know that their firewall is exceptionally good. That is why I though I’ll install every free Comodo offering (again), but even though I did use the Install option, I find the popups to be unbearably tedious. Sorry. When every other great AV can get by, giving good protection without being such a pain, then IMHO Comodo should at least offer a simpler choice.

Plus I think the Comodo anti virus is not quite up to the same level as the firewall and the other C goodies.

I shall now see how the rest of the Comodo tools play with Avast…

are you running the 3.8 version?

And what mode on D+? safe? paranoid?

Hmm if it’s the firewall you can adjust how noisy you can tolerate it to be.
Firewall, behavior setting, then alert setting tab. Put it to either medium, low or very low.

The new 3.8 CIS comes with a new anti virus engine which is very sensitive.

I’ve tried a lot of personal fw - nothing as lite and user friendly as Comodo. The rate of D+ or network “popups” can be easily controlled by accurate policy settings and adding various types of applications and by the “remember” answers feature after very short period the “noise” is reduced dramatically (I have a wife and 2 kids all using the same “box” with host OS Vista X64 and XP 32 bit guest …).

As for the AV this is a different story, scheduled as well as manual scan are often stuck, scanning is limited by size or duration of files and from 3.8 the heur is way too sensitive. I’m using it only as reference on a stand alone box (with Bitdefender 10 free as my daily sched scanner). On my “true” box I’m using Avira free edition (with weekly sched full scan …)

Hey man, this is just a heads up, but unless you have some sort of HIPS installed on your computer then you are at risk. Avast does not have any sort of HIPS, it is purly just an AV and therefor it only protection your computer a wee little bit of all the junk out there.

However, I agree, the first few times I tried CIS I got pretty annoyed with it, untill I learned to use the trusted application, and the “install” setting.

If you used Kaspersky Internet Security then you should have had some pop up’s as well. Not as many mind you, but pop ups none the less. One of the nice things about CIS is that you still have control. The less pop ups you see then the less control you have over what is going on with your computer and that in its self can be a bit of a pain. For instance, my mom just recently had her Kaspersky IS run out and a bit before that I was trying to install a trusted freeware program ( sorry don’t remember which one) and it would block it every time. Now after I had the issues with that, I of course ran around the net trying to find out if there is any known issues with that program. I couldn’t find any, so then I scanned it with a few other AV’s (some of the top ones, and a few of the not so top ones). There was absolutly nothing wrong with the software. I ended up having to disable KIS to install the program, then install it, then just to make sure I scanned the computer with KIS again after installing it, and it still came back as nothing. Sorry, I really wish I could remember the program, but I look after a few different computers and this was near the end of December.

Are you trying 3.8? I know that for me and my wife there are alot less popups and the ThreatCast it’s easier for my wife to use it on her own as well.

Best of luck, but just a reminder… You will need a handful of applications running to cover all of what CIS does.