goodby comodo


thank you comodo been here since like v1.2 or so i went through beta testing v3
but with all the stuff i read here i’m done with comodo

so thank you for the time i had with it and good luck



Informative post hehe…

Btw would you you be so kind and tell us what your problem is to change it in future for the benefit of others?

maby it’s just me but all this back and forth over a test then pcsecurityshild
it’s ok but i’v just moved on so good luck to all here and comodo
and i still think comodo is a very good firewall i just had enough


Thats it ? You gonna quit because of that ? :-\

I accept your reason…

Those types of topics tend to go far sometimes, but its not strictly Comodos fault but ours, the forum users’ too.
Or maybe I dont get whats your problem, what is that you had enough of?

Anyway this is not vendor specific IMHO.
The fact that such posts get deleted in other forums doesn’t mean that the issues or opinions in peoples mind does not exist.

Good luck to you too…

Sorry to see you go things have been a bit silly recently.
I read this thread for some light relief after what has been posted recently.;msg127394#msg127394
Best of luck wherever you go.

Sad to see you go.

Punishing Comodo for offering Freedom is not fair!


Children (:TNG)
CFP is the firts product i ever install

Good luck mate (:WAV)

Yoool be back

so now i get attacked for saying goodby it was my choice it did not take long
and so who is a child here rafel i’m 47

i said good luck to everybody here and i still think comodo is a very good firewall
it is still my choice i just felt i should say goodby

and i’m sorry riggers i doin’t think so now


Sorry, was a joke. I meant you was a child. In my language is an expression,doesn’t matter the age., and was for all(i’m included), not only for you. i apologize you.

Why apologize? (:AGY)
This guy is nuts.
He is going to stop using software because of some forum postings, and then gets offended at the drop of a hat? 88)

He needs to relax.

you need to relax too ;D have you watched Pokemon? ;D

I’m with you Riggers, once the red mist clears , he’ll be back…at the end of the day the Firewall and most of the other Comodo products are too good to miss.

I can’t see why anyone could uninstall ANY Comodo product. I’m becoming a Comodo Kid!

LoLz - One of the reasons he quit was because of the “Best of Vettech” Thread.
Have You read Wilders security forums much ? If you do, you’d probably either quit using most of your software or quit using those forums if your influenced that easily.

As the OP of the “Best Of” thread I’m missing what the offensive content is…I mean it was meant to be silly and off topic. I would never have posted that if I thought it would scare off users.

I mean, it was “Anything and Everything”, right?

I sincerely hope I’ve done nothing to dissuade anyone from using this exceptional program.