Good strategy games these days?

I used to play starcraft and redalert both 1 and 2 and also Empire Earth a lot before, but most “new” strategy games today are boring. :-TD :-TD I would like to have some real time strategy game to play.

One that is based on speed and strategy… Like starcraft is… and don’t have a low unit cap like warcraft 3. And one that you can completely dominate in (if you are good)… Games such as Age of Mythology don’t do it due to the slow movement of the units. the best would be if there was some kind of micromanagement included… But not essential… Iam looking for old style games with better graphich and a active online community with clans and such…

If nothing new suites my “demands” than maby some refreshment of popular STRATEGY games these day could do it… And I can judge for myself what is good and what I want to buy and play. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Have you tried ‘The Witcher’? I have the enhanced edition.

Thanks for the recommendation! :slight_smile: But that seems to be some kind of role playing strategy something? :slight_smile:

I was thinking more of a RTS where you control hundreds of minions not just one character… ;D :slight_smile:

I’d like a flash game RTS. :slight_smile:

The best I’ve played were Age of Empires Series and Cossacks ;D

hmm maby Ill just wait for starcraft2… =)
I really liked starcraft so… :smiley: :slight_smile:

What about a total war title then ? This one is the latest if I remember right

Empire : Total war