Good review of CSC

Good review for Comodo System Cleaner


WOT scores that site low please beware

I recommend my wot to all my family and friends :-TU

I agree with gleach. That link could be dangerous.

Heh…Melih posted a dangerous link. :stuck_out_tongue:

CSC in my experience has been dangerous! Three installs three reformats I don’t tread that road anymore.

Oooh…that’s sad. :-\

Formats? Or did you have disk images?

That website is a known malware host, like brothersoft etc.

Reformats! I will have to make a disc image some day. That site is flagged by wot, finjan & site advisor last time I used them.

It is best to have a large external drive to backup to. But they cost a bit much…(lol).

Let’s hope Melih didn’t catch malware :wink:

In addition to this image: McAffe advisor – red, Norton Site Checker – yellow (orange?)

I tried Comodo’s Site Inspector. It went into complete nirvana (“do forever" cycle ) and was not able to analyze the site ???

CSC in my experience has been dangerous!
As for CSC itself I agree with lyn – it is very unsafe Application itself. :-TD I would never consider using it having several strong and very reliable free Registry cleaners out there.
Yes, I did it for my friend after he used CSC and after another disaster it was reinstalling system over for another "not using backups" guy. Well,... have a look at some threads in this forum re: CSC

The advanced users probably can try it. I have experience (with the registry editing too) and I will not use it.

And at the end of the day - Registry Cleaning is not security related application anyway.

So, why bother to develop spending time and resources that can be used to improve Firewall adding many required services suggested here in the forum. Some things that are hanging in the Wish List are excellent.

For many users who are not testing/ using many installations/ etc., but setting up their systems for particular type of work with limited set of Applications that are serving their everyday routine - Registry Cleaning is not necessary at all.