Good in first impression, very bad in details ....

I used Windows10 Control firewall over 5 years, but have serious hang up program since Windows 8, so I switch to Comodo today. But I am wrong …

Firewall function has no frequency hold up, but has following problem:

  1. Too much Allow/Block at every steps over same application, I just wanted to use a note app call RightNote … It prompt out 9 times at first launch
  2. Accidentialy block function over RightNote app cannot find the blocked application to release it, cause cannot load …
  3. Not all the allowed program can be find the application ruleset
  4. Very bad in Firewall interface, no clear picture for users to know the whole processed .exe list normally, not to say sorting …
  5. application access 127. loopback will regarded as internet access
  6. App needed to access its own path application, also considered at internet access…

please fix it, I am not sure if I can stand it and to use it.

If you click on the word Firewall on your CIS GUI window, it brings you to the Firewall settings.
Click on Application Rules.
You should see what is blocked there. Simply select it and delete the rule.
Restart your program.

Hi coleman,

First of all thank you sharing your feedback with Comodo. Secondly , you are wrong about switching to Comodo. Youa re totally right. As John also stated, all you need to do is to check your firewall settings and arange it according to your needs.

Please kindly let me know if you need further assistance. You may also send me your questions directly via PM.

Kind Regards

Class acts the both of you.

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