Good Grief !! here's a Frightening Precedent

Judge orders BT to block…Newzbin2

I personally don’t give a rat about the site, it’s not about that.

IMHO If the ruling stands, the precedent this creates is another signal to the end of the free and open exchange of information and ideas as we have known it. (at least in our supposedly “free” countries).

I hope enough Brits get riled up to have this form of forced heavy handed censorship overturned.
For everyone’s sake let the MPA and all the like find another way.


What can We The People do?
Turn to Anonymous and LulzSec?

There’s all kinds of wrong with this decision and it once again proves that the majority of people making these important derisions simply don’t understand the technology they’re pronouncing judgement on.

In reality, the decision won’t make the slightest bit of difference to those users who use Newzbin, as it’s been shown time and time again that blocking web sites in this manner is totally futile. Unfortunately, this kind of idiocy from the MAFIAA and associated cronies will continue unabated, simply because they’re to stupid to realise their legacy business model is dead.

What I do wonder about is, how the downstream ISPs that have BT’s CleenFeed foist upon them will react, although I doubt there’s a great deal they can do.

Edit: I remembered reading an article about how the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice feels about Internet filtering:

EU Court of Justice Told ISP Website Blocking Would Infringe …

So I wonder what would happen if this judgement were challenged…