Good example showing the power of CPF v3!

Here is an example of how CPF v3 helps preventing where detection from others have failed!!

Detection is not a viable first line defense anymore!


Just an observation… it is not obvious when the messge previous first appears that the whole sentence is a link. I was sitting there reading the thing, looking for an attachment or a link to click and not seeing it.

Suggest you just make the word “here” the link, so that it stands out by color or underline that it is the link.


oops… forgot to end the url statement :slight_smile:



Just an observation…
The name of the product is Comodo Firewall Pro.
This leads to the initials CFP, not CPF.
Hope this helps,

old habits die hard :slight_smile:

it used to be CPF!! Comodo Personal Firewall :slight_smile:


Well now you are the Professionals, The Flag Bearers…, The Standard by which others are judged…
Get Used To It.