Good article..

A good article that may be useful for our users


Interesting that Comodo is mentioned - at one time it would have been ZA and AVG.
We’re getting there, Melih.

Yeah it is surpsiing how much you can speed up your computer just by “cleaning” it. Also it’s good that comodo is mentioned :slight_smile:

I just like the fact Comodo is mentioned… LOL haha. Nah that’s too fan-boish/selfish/stuckup… Good article! :slight_smile: Sorry I’m in a weird mood right now… lol


We have given our users what they need: Protection from malware, in a way the current AVs can’t give because we use Prevention as the first line of defense!

Around 15 Million users are grateful to Comodo for giving them something that works! And we are grateful to them for giving us their trust and allow us to protect them!


I like that mood better than your regular one. (:TNG)

I think he’s talking about reformatting. And that’s what I’m going to do soon. (:AGL) (Just trying to get vLite to work…grrr >:()

I think we have a solution to re-formatting!


??? What? are you going to make a special program that formats for you?

nope… remove the need for re-formatting all together! :slight_smile:


Oh…well, I still need to do it: I have tons of junk and corrupted files that I just want to remove. (:SHY)

I have never reformatted my current machine, in several years since I have it. :slight_smile:

i understand…

with our new product coming out soon, you won’t need to re-format to do what you are doing…


This sounds like something that should be included in your tools package.

I would really like that one…

soon :slight_smile:


Can’t wait. I wish I knew how soon “soon” is. 88) What will it do?

Jan 09 (fingers crossed)
its a Time Machine…


Wouldn’t it take up a lot of space though (with all those backups and such?)?

nope! not much at all…


That does sound good. Is there a place where i can check out the features that will be in this tool?