GONE! - select Configuration via right-click on task icon

Hi, How do I easily switch between configurations?
You used to be able to right-click on the task icon, and select the configuration.
I came back to Comodo after trying a different firewall for a while.
The only way to switch between configurations I can find is buried deep within the settings after opening the full window.
This is what I see when right-clicking:
Auto Sandbox
Game Mode
Advanced View
I also tried the buttons in the Widget.
I also changed the User Interface to Classic Theme and restarted Comodo, and I don’t see any changes to anything - not the right-click task bar option, not the Widget, and not the full window.

Thanks for any help.

(Comodo firewall 7. Windows 8.)

I choose a config once.
Why should i maintain more than one?

Because you may have different requirements depending on your habits. I for myself have two different profiles. They have different firewall rulesets. One for use at my home network and one for use, when I’m not at home and using a cellular network connection. The profile for use in the cellular network environment is much more restricted, since I only have a limited amount of free data.
The removal of this item was one of the show stoppers for switching to CIS6.

Good point.
Should get a wishlist entry.

Well doesn’t it require a reboot to properly switch configurations now. Could be way it was removed from the context menu of the tray.