Going to be a busy day today.

I have 4 computer calls to go out on and its my day off from my regular job, I am going to install CIS4 Complete on their computers. I sent them Melih’s latest video now they want to get comodo complete, if I have any issues I will be asking for help in the forum hopefully everything goes smooth and I am done in 3 hours. ;D

good luck!

let us know if we can help…


Thanks Melih, I have 3 down 1 to go and this next house doesn’t have air conditioning and it is 94 degrees here in Pennsylvania already!!!

wow…it is warm today here in NJ too :slight_smile:


Well I even did some computers on Fathers Day I installed CIS4 Premium on 4 computers today, I gave the owners a brief lesson and they are very happy that they have it now with all the protection for free instead of paying a renewal fee for the other suite they had. I have a business lined up to do on tuesday so there might be money coming to comodo from that one.

wow…thank you! :slight_smile: