I had 4 days left in my trial and I accidentally pressed the ‘Go live’ link. The Trust Fax system right away bills to my visa without even asking if I am okay with this. What the heck? Why isn’t there any confirmation dialog asking me if I want go ahead with this? ??? ???

So then I call into the customer service line today and get a voicemail??? I really wanna cancel this service. Please let me know how!!! ??? My account is ngot323.


When you click the link to set your account live, TrustFax opens a window to let you know that you are ending your trial and that your credit card will be charged. You must click OK before your credit card is charged and your trial ends. Clicking on cancel will return you to your trial account.
To cancel your TrustFax account, you email cancel [ at ] trustfax.com with your fax number or username. You will receive a confirmation email when canceled. Cancellations are completed the same business day.
By the way, your account has been canceled and a refund issued. Billing has already sent a confirmation email to you.