Going from Avast to Comodo

Ok, I don’t know what forum to post this in as this is one seriously splintered forum, in my humble opinion.

Anyway I was an Avast user for years until today, when it decided to kill my internet and block certain sites. And believe me I really liked Avast so to kill it in just one day just goes to show the headache that it caused me.

Anyway back when it was working, it was great for picking off ad banners with malware attached. Like one chat forum I was on had a rotating banner and one of the ads was malware. Avast disconnected right away and I never went back.

Now with no web shield, I’m curious how Comodo would deal with this. In fact, I don’t even know what would happen with no virus protection at all. Does malware not have to be downloaded and executed to do harm?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

Comodo does not have a web shield.
Malware that does not need to be downloaded to infect are called drive bys or exploits.
You should at least have something. Comodo firewall includes Cloud Scanner which I think is just as good as the antivirus component without it conflicting with anything else or it using any extra memory. I use avast with Comodo firewall personally.
If all else fails, Defence+ should stop anything that goes undetected in it’s tracks.
P.S. How do you know that Avast web shield was what was causing your problem?

Ok, so what you’re saying is Comodo alone is not recommended.

Anyway yes Avast was a big problem for me and no one on the Avast forum has a clue. You can read my post if you want:


Ever since I deleted it my web surfing speed has vastly improved and so has my application speed. So I’m never going back to it…Speed was not the original problem by the way.

I was saying that Comodo Firewall already has the best parts of Comodo Antivirus and you can use something else with it for an extra layer of protection without conflicts.
Your problem with Avast might have been to do with the network shield. You could try not installing the network shield in a custom install and see if your problem with avast is still there.
I recommend that you install Comodo firewall without the antivirus then try to solve your problem with avast because it’s a great free antivirus.

But I like my PC now that AVAST is gone. ;D

I was using my other older PC with XP on it, the other day, and I was shocked how much faster it was from my new PC with Windows 7. Then I remembered I have no anti-virus on that PC…Now that I’ve uninstalled Avast on my new PC, it’s also fast. Ha.

Is there anything else you would recommend with Comodo? You mentioned Defense+

Defence+ the HIPS program integrated into Comodo’s antivirus and firewall, so it should be able to prevent your PC from being infected when a file goes undetected by a signature relying antivirus.
I would recommend to (in this order) right click on the comodo firewall (or internet security, depending on whether you decide to install the antivirus or not) tray icon, hovering over configuration and selecting Comodo proactive security, then opening the GUI and clicking on the Defence+ tab. You should then click on Defence+ settings and go onto sandbox settings and unchecking Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them outside of the sandbox. I also go to execution control settings and click on the drop down box that defaults to partially limited, and changing that setting to Limited, restricted or untrusted.
You might also want to think about GeSWall afterwards, because it is an excellent, foolproof (unless you manually label malware as trusted) and easy to use program. I use it.

Ok, thanks! I just did those settings. Just curious what does proactive security do differently?

Edit…Found my answer…And I think you mentioned a bit as well, when rereading.

On Internet Security mode the Image Execution Control is disabled. The Computer Monitor/Disk/Keyboard/DNS Client access/Window Messages are not monitored. Only commonly infected files/folders are protected against infection and commonly exploited COM interfaces are protected.

Glad I could help you. :slight_smile:
Did you install just the firewall or both the firewall and antivirus?

I installed both…BUT…I did not install the geekbuddy. Should I have? If so I’ll go back and install it.

I don’t think that you’ll need it. It is a remote access product to communicate with specialised Comodo staff members if you have something wrong with your computer.

Ok thanks! One more question…So geswall and comodo…Do they coexist nicely?

Ah ■■■■, never mind. There is no 64bit version.

Next version should support 64 bit operating systems.
Though you can grab sandboxie for 64 bit operating systems.

Yes, Sandboxie.

:-TU :-TU :-TU

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Fizbin! :slight_smile:

Just to let you know fiz web and mail shield are nothing but resource taking for no reason; CIS will warn you for you have download bad. Before a malware can infect you and do some damage they need to be run by the user.

I recommend Malwarebytes, Superantispyware and Hitmanpro (keep it even if the 30 days goes away)

If you have problem the forum is here to help :slight_smile:

Valentin N

I wouldn’t recommend this because there are installers that will not work correctly if they are sandboxed.

I was thinking the same thing. :-TU

If you want advice on how to configure Comodo Firewall please see this article.

The settings I recommend are a good place to start. However, you can continue to tweak them from there if you like. :wink:

The most important part to realize about Comodo Firewall, or CIS, is that even if the malware is not detected by any AV you are still protected (assuming you don’t go out of your way to allow it). ;D

Only if they are unknown. You can click ‘don’t isolate again’ (then restart the installer) if you want to install something that is unknown. (Sometimes it isolates the programs even if you click not to isolate them again, in which case, you would need to temporarily disable Defence+ or temporarily enable automatically run installers and updaters and run them outside of the sandbox.)

I guess if you like jumping through hoops, that is your prerogative.