Going back to Zonealarm

Hi, I have tried it, and I have tried really hard with it, but I cannot put up with Comodo any more.

Whether it is cmdagent.exe hogging all CPU resource without warning or without any apparant reason, or whether it is the constant pop-up warnings when installing a new piece of software, it is just too much.

Time to uninstall it.

Well… we are here to help… We cannot help you if you don’t ask for it.

This type of reaction to CFP is a good example of what I was talking about in my post here. That post explains why some people may have this reaction to CFP and offers some solutions.

In sum, “Other firewalls have a major share of the market because of their ease of use (even if they are not as strong as CFP). People like firewalls that are easy to learn and that make them feel protected. I know of several people who tried CFP and uninstalled it in favor of a less robust firewall. The reason…CFP was non-intuitive, took too long to set up and train, way too many alerts, and the alerts were usually from safe operations.” [quoted from this post]

Like Kyle said we cannot help if you do not ask, they are getting there the install and alerts after are improving all the time.
I do not know if it will every be install and forget like some firewalls but I prefer the security of CPF3.

You could say I will not lock my door I will just shut it because it makes it easier to come and go, but I prefer mine locked and bolted.

Hi Dennis2, perfect analogy with the door example, that’s what Comodos’ Firewall is all about, but for some users it is a little beyond their grasp, we do however want them to understand the complete power beneath this excellent program though but we can only help those who realize this and wish to further understand its’ true purpose in offering a complete and comprehensive protection they will only be proud of having free of charge for life…
Xman (:KWL) :-TU :-TU

I agree…I hope Russ comes back. His comments would likely be enlightening. :-La

Just to point out a possibility: maybe he learned how to use the CFP proficiently, but he just did not like the excessive user interaction required to use/train CFP. Even if the “cmdagent.exe hogging all CPU resource” was something you guys could fix with a few tweaks, the “constant pop-up warnings when installing a new piece of software” is something that cannot be adequately fixed without updating CFP (I believe that setting CFP to a less secure mode is not a satisfactory solution, for reasons that I explain here). Besides, the whole reason why Russ is getting these “constant pop-up warnings when installing a new piece of software” is because he is keeping CFP in a “locked an bolted” mode during instillation (to use Dennis2’s analogy). If you switch to a mode that creates less alerts, you are also switching to mode that is essentially less secure (thus opening your door and allowing strangers to enter!).

There is a difference between securing your door with a complicated 25 digit combination lock that takes 10 minutes to open, and a simple key operated lock that takes a few seconds to open. In other words, “locked and bolted” security can still be accomplished without complicated and time consuming user interaction.

(:s*) Robust defense does not have to compromise ease of use.
In Melih’s own words, we are going to “make sure we build a product that protects people by building one of the most secure apps around and then start making it user friendly without sacrificing its security.”

I have to admit…I am playing devil’s advocate >:-D. I am fan and user of CFP, but I think it can be improved.
Melih said, “we are working on making CFP a mass market product!” I really want to see Comodo in use by every level of user. I think the only way to accomplish this goal is to improve CFP by addressing issues such as the ones raised above.

I truly appreciate Comodo’s hard work and their excellent products (which they allow us to use free of charge ;D).


I don’t know how long you have used CFP3 but I find it has gone a long way towards what you want since the early Beta’s / Alpha
I know it has still a way to go but if it improves as much as it already has it will get there.

[at] whoop dee doo,

One small clarifying point - when you put CFP into Installation Mode, you haven’t lowered the security entirely. Installation Mode applies only to the object that triggered the alert. All other security parameters for all other apps are still active.

While it’s true that this can be seen as a potential “hole”, I don’t see what the alternative is. If I trust the install EXE, put it in Installation Mode to install it. If I don’t trust the install EXE but still want to install it anyway, don’t put it in Installation Mode and I can see what it is doing. Admittedly I’ll get a swag of alerts with the latter method, but that’s the point, isn’t it?

Ewen :slight_smile:

going back to zone alarm ???
god, it’s like i decide to reinstall win98 !!! :wink:

if u prefere zone alarm cause of the comodo settings too annoying, so yes use what is the best choice for you.
but i’m sure that i’ll never use this firewall, it’s exactly the type of FW i don’t like.
and Defense+ is too important for me as the ultimate guardian of my sytem.
i don’t trust my AV at all when it says no malware,
but i always use D+ to control the file and decide to block it or not.
it helped me more than kaspersky, if i listened to kaspersky all the time, my system would be dead now.

I too have decided to go back to zonealarm…

Installed comodo firewall pro on my mum’s machine thinking that i’ll give comodo a try especially especially after all the good reviews i’ve read from the internet. I’ve basically formatted the hard drive and reinstall a fresh copy of windows.

However, what I’ve found it that after installing and running comodo firewall for a few days, it keeps on having all these annoying popups balloons, far more that what i usually get from zonealarm. I’m sure these popup messages is a good thing and shows that comodo firewall is serious in protecting my machine and i really appreciate that. However, due to my parents lack of computer knowledge, this can have a negative effect as the popups balloons from comodo firewall can be quite annoying.

This left me no choice but to turn back to zonealarm, which is more “noob” friendly. I will continue to keep comodo firewall in mind in future releases.

Thanks though for doing a great job at keeping our internet safe.

Hello Lyk76, Sorry about the trouble :frowning: I can totally understand what you mean, I would not reccomend Comodo to my mother or grand parents… Simply because they wouldn’t know what to do.

Comodo is looking into ways that will make the firewall “User Friendly” without sacraficing security. You might be interested in testing out Comodo internet security. It’s planned to come out in within this week… (It’s currently in testing) I’m using it right now and I get less pop-ups.

lyk76, u install comodo on your mother pc ! lol
it’s bad to do that to your mother, i imagine she understood nothing about the alerts.
i’d never installed comodo on any friends pc or my parents cause they don’t care enough about computers to get how to use comodo.
i always install for them KIS.

That’s how the world is! I dropped ZoneAlarm for Comodo 2 and used it for more than a year till I cut my internet connection. Last week I purchased a wireless modem and I’m now back to the Net. I installed Comodo 3 just today and came to the forum only to read Russ 1974 was leaving. I’ll plead with him to stay. After all, the inconveniences are much irrelevant compared to the superb protection offered by Comodo.

Of course, the people at Comodo are making all efforts to deal with these problems and the more we use the product and suggest refinements, the better it will become.

So, Russ1974 and other like-minded persons stay and help make Comodo the best firewall ever.

CIS is much less intrusive yet offers the same high security!

CIS is our first stab at improving usability and I think its a pretty good first step! You really get much less popups with CIS and high security!