Going back to 14.268 [Resolved]

14.268 was much more stable than 14.176 seem to be having problems with 176. My wireless card itself was completely disabled, installer still doesn’t turn off Windows Firewall in Vista 32bit Home Premium Edition. Also CPF seemed to not have been installed correctly. For now I’m going back to 2.68 until some update if a fresh downloade of 176 doesn’t resolve the issue.


Going back? 14.26876 is the latest. It supposed to be the stablest. If it doesn’t turn off Windows Firewall, do it manually.

276 is the latest version that has JUST become available. See here:


Comodo keeps saying it’s either not installed properly or there is an error.

Is there a cleanup program so I can do a full fresh install?


I’m sorry sometimes all the numbers confuse me.

I was using the last version and just downloaded the newest version. I disabled all running applications including BOClean and NOD32, turned off my Wifi, etc After double clicking the set-up file, Comodo uninstalled the 1st, reboot. Again, I disabled all running applications including BOClean and NOD32, double clicked the set-up again and installed the latest, everything went fine.

You could try an uninstall from the Comodo start menu or a manual uninstall (I saw the directions here someplace) .

I think if you get a Windows Security notice that you have no firewall running, after uninstalling you should be fine.

If Windows Security still say you have a firewall installed and it’s not the Windows one, you need to follow these directions.


I didn’t download GMER.

PS I found the directions for a manual uninstall




Thanks for your replly back. I think I’ve managed to resolve the issue. The problem seemed to be with my Kaspersky Antivirus 7.0 installation because Windows Security Centre seemed to think that K. Antivirus was a Firewall! I’ve since uninstalled and re-installed the antivirus on my lunch hour ans everything seemed fine. I willl mark this as resolved if My installation of CPF tonight goes successfully.

Thanks again for your help.