Goddess Avira

I don’t really get it. Really sorry to say so; but I’ve been telling you for years now, that AVIRA free will be enough concerning AV security (at this moment, AVIRA 8 free is still the best AV lurking around), but some of you simply wouldn’t listen to me. I am not a software guru, and I certainly don’t wanna be one (all that bashing, oh…well…eheheh), but, simply tell me, why are some people NOT listening if some old, wise man tries to tell the simple truth?

Cheers, and have a really fine ■■■■ (you certainly know where you get that from).

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Just to inform you: (if interested)

AVG Antispyware 7.5 free has also been discontinued

Formerly it was known as a great FREE GERMAN AS tool, by German (Bavarian!) company EWIDO (Great Memories).

Now, it’s gone. To where?

Well, AVG is a czech company.

Czechia won’t support people with free security, BAVARIA tried and, for some years, ruled supreme, but now has lost the noble fight to the overwhelming world market concurrence.

That’s it.

There’s still AVIRA free, as in my prophecies :slight_smile: (well, now, I must’ve been a Guru or what?)


As I said, AVIRA is a goddess, the oldest AV proggie in the world. She’s still the best and she will (hopefully) survive them all.

If you paid attention to the forums you could have had Avira Premium 8 free for 6 months which is what I have. It expires in October and I will pay to extend it cause I like the web shield.

I’m bored of AVIRA users.
If you like it, use it, but please, don’t open more topics about AVIRA.
i’m avast user, i’m very happy with it. But i’m not all the day : Use AVAST, use AVAST, use AVAST…
i don’t go to AVASt forum to say, CFP is the best, use it use it use it.
Everybody uses products he likes.

Stop opening stupid topics.

Avira launched their antivirus engine in 1988, but there was a Polish antivirus called mks_vir released in 1987, so it’s older than Avira, and it still exists today. Here is their website.
But Avira is one of the oldest antivirus.


@ Soya :

;D ;D

question about antivir FREE vs Premium :
i know that antivir premium has webguard & email scanner & spyware detection.
so… does it mean, antivir premium has more running processes & use more CPU & RAM compared to the FREE version?

All 5 process together for me only use about 16-22KB. Lighter then NOD32 3.0.Avast is ok but they really do need to upgrade there media player GUI. I know there are different skins but still looks ugly. Avast 4.8 is also buggy. Waiting for a fix cause on my work laptop I get pages not loading.

this GUI looks cool to me (:TNG)
hmm, i’ve switched from antivir 8 FREE to avast 4.8.
i think avira 8 FREE is faster but it lacks of spyware protection.
yeah, i can use another standalone AS along with antivir, but i already have too much systray icon (:TNG)
beside, i’ve never infected for a while (not that i ask for it 88) ),i don’t really care what AV i use as long as i have one . 88)

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You can merge the 2 Avast icons.

Don’t blame Rebol as he didn’t; I split his posts from another thread because it was off-topic.

Whoa! I suppose you mean 16-22 MB and not 16-22 kB? 16 kB for 5 processes means 3.2 kB each…


i know, i mean,i used too much security software before : AV,Firewall,AS,CMF,BOClean, they all hogging my system & systray.
now i’m trying to reduce my security software usage (:TNG)
right now i’m using [font=Verdana]avast 4.8 to replace avira & BOClean since avast has all types of malware covered. i feel a little bit lighter :a0 :a0

yeah, let’s blame Soya :slight_smile:

still, vote for avira8 :-TU :-TU

The next time I see the word “avast” or any variation of it in this thread, I’m

it. Only one warning this time >:(

No I said KB. Look under taskmanager and its KB not kb or MB. I know what I typed.

Ohhh ! (:SAD) Soya’s in a bad mood !

My sister loves Avira. I installed a free version and it was ok, but when a free 6 months premium version came out I reinstalled. And now it’s even better. Already stopped 5 viruses ! (:CLP)

Sorry I meant “K” . I just looked on my work laptop. Current av is using 19,000K. Avria uses 16,000-22,000K.