God give me some task

Hey There,

I’m a voracious security software tester…I have been testing all different kind of security software’s since from my undergrad…But, after installing CIS no single virus is entering into my pc…What to do now…Guys help me…Lol


Dear Melih,

During my testing i found one rouge software named Xvidsetup.exe. I tested this rouge with different applications such as MSE 2.0, avast 5.1.889, avira 10, panda cloud 1.3. However panda cloud neutralized it while installing and it was recently detected by norton antivirus 2011.

The good news is that it was first detected by comodo cloud scanner and later the cav also detected it. Recently, i tested the same with avast 6.0 and avg free 2011 but they both failed to detect it (Xvidsetup.exe). I’m wondering why people can’t find the efficacy of cav…

P.S: comodo secure DNS blocked that malicious site. I’m not sure whether it is good or not to put that link in this thread.

Link: http://browserdl.com/xvidmv/

Xvidsetup.exe can be a legitimate application, which is why Avast and AVG may have failed to detect it as a rogue.

If you download XviD from the developers site www.xvid.org you will find the most recent is called Xvid-1.3.0-24022011.exe This codec is also quite often re-packaged and may be found under different names and versions. For example:


The version you found is actually a pre-installer packaged by ClickPotato - Learn more about … Which is Adware. The version of XviD installed is also quite old.

In this instance, detecting xvidsetup.exe as a rogue, at least in some cases, was correct.