gobbling google

Looks like the Goog wants to take over the world.

I, for one, don’t need to connect to the Internet for every thing I do w/my computers. Each one has a specific job to handle. My computers are used for real jobs–useful things, and not just web surfing. I also don’t want my data stored off site, thank you very much–I can handle that myself.

Back off Google! :P0l


I hate how google don’t care for the privacy, thats why I use yahoo now days.
And I hate how they try to push their shit, like the chrome browser, firefox did a good job but they did not want to pay so much royalty to firefox for setting their homepage as default search provider so they developed their own piece of **** (the less Firefox users and the more chrome users the bigger profit).

Anyway google desktop is just awsome, my girlfriend had that piece of junk installed, when I got it removed, BAM the computer went faster. I don’t see how anyone can like google desktop.

I really think google should stick to the browser industry and not develop their very own cellphone, net and so on.

They are really money hungry, and I doubt google will be that big in the upcoming 20 years, they are getting way off and focusing on all kind of **** that noone asks for, also they remove their “good guy” image when caring less and less for privacy. As they get bigger, they actually need to focus more on having a good privacy policy, as people feels that they relay on them more.

Minor censoring by LA

I, for one, do not want to have to reply on some servers in Antarctica or so… 88)

I do make online backups but I love how everything I need is local.

And, I have a bad internet connection.

I don’t even like direct deposit for tax refunds, etc, because I don’t like spreading my info across the ether if I can help it. I’m sure not going store all of my personal information on someone else’s server. Besides, how slow are my games going to run if all the processing for everything is done elsewhere and I have to wait for for all that data to transfer back to me? Streaming videos are hit and miss as it is with choppy playback depending on the server, user load, etc, can you imagine having to add responsive interactivity to that?