GoBack Alternatives

New here, so pls bare with me. Are there any Programs Available, That Do What GoBack Does? That was one of the few lifesavers from Symantec…for me, anyway. I know that it uses a lot of resources…at least am guessing it does…cause it took so long to remove. After a few years of using their products, but, now, realizing that they gave me a lot of run-a-round, with upgrades, support, etc. I love Comodo. Just would like something that could help me do a goback.
Any suggestions?

Thank you much. (R)

There’s nothing like GoBack. I’ve used it before Symantec acquired it, as it still belonged to Roxio, who bought it themselves from a company called WildFile. I was using this product under Windows 98 and I loved it. Even Vista’s “previous version” system cannot match GoBack.
Don’t know if Symantec discontinued the product, don’t even know if it works with NTFS, but if it does, why do you need an alternative? I’m almost sure it does not work with Vista though.

Although I personally don’t like this type of software I did find this system restore utility; RollBack Rx


Maybe you’ll find it interesting, it mentions Vista support as well.

wow , that’s really funny considering that VISTA SUCKS so badly and anyone who buys or uses it is an idiot… :SMLR

what do you know about Vista man? probably not much. Oh yes, about your comment, users (and MS) return the compliment. Check your spelling too: con"S"idering’s better. Now first lesson, I know it’s hard, but just give it a try: W-I-N-D-O-W-S, get it?

Let’s try to stick with the GoBack Alternatives subject and no more personal attacks, please.


I am using this software, well atleast the older version 7.2.1 and it works the best out of every backup software. I have a 100gb space used and it turned into a 119mb image with every little thing backed up including registry, documents, programs. It takes 3 seconds or less to make the snapshot and a couple of seconds added with bootup to restore the image. It does add quiet a lot to bootup at around 20-30 seconds more but its worth it knowing that you can get out of any situation. There is also advanced scheduling but i would rather make the backups myself. The only problem i have which is fixed in the latest version 8 is that you cant export the images with 7.2.1 but that would be my problem not yours.

Really simple to restore. During bootup before windows is loaded a screen comes up for 4 seconds saying press “Home” but this can be changed. After your in the console you can even use the mouse to restore or take snapshots. A con of this program is if your a regular degragmenter, the only way to defrag is uninstall rollback rx, defrag, then reinstall because your system is always running in rbx being protected from viruses taking over itself. The program saves its snapshots in a hidden partition so viruses or malware cant take over or your kids cant accidentally delete the partition.
The program does have it’s own defragmenter built in which doesn’t require uninstall obviously and it does a good job but some people like to have a bit better job done.

I also used this software for about a year or so.
This software has its bugs and “is not” appropriate for someone who is not computer savy (:WIN)
USE THIS SOFTWARE WITH EXTREME CAUTION as it can corrupt your Registry in a heart beat ; I speak from experience (:AGY)
Other then that… Rollback RX is a powerful and effective ‘System Restore’ program! (:KWL)

How did it corrupt your registry? On uninstallation/installation or just regular use. Now you’ve scared me :(. I have version 7.2.1 so please tell me you had an older version :D.

My appologies Coolio10: (:SAD)
Scaring was not my intention, only a general caution. Any “Rollback” software is a very powerful program and given that…commands respect. (:WIN)
My specific situation I believe involved a “forced shutdown” due to an incurring software install that had gone amuck!
Anyway, my only intention was to simply comment on the power of such software.
Thanks (:KWL)

So you held the power button on your processor? If that is what you did than i cant understand how rbx caused that problem, maybe the install did?

i know enough ( more than you obviously ) to stay well away from it , yea , don’t think i wanna battle with vista’s p*ss poor hardware support…

I know it's hard, but just give it a try: W-I-N-D-O-W-S, get it?

ah , you mean like this eh…?


and i guess everyone else here is just crazy…?