go back to the previous version

I have an old machine, and the new version of CIS that it installed after the automatic update made it too slow. How can I go back to the previous version?

(the version that I have now is 7.0.315459.4232)

Thanks, I installed that version. It’s still a newer version than the one that I had, but so far it seems to perform better. I’ll test it for a couple of days. Thanks.

You’re welcome. You can also select other (older) versions from the FileHorse page.

OK. So far it seems to be performing as the one before the update.

With the updated version (v7), for example, after I plugged an USB drive, it took about 30 seconds before I could see it in the explorer. Now with version 6 it takes nothing.
Also starting Firefox took much longer to launch on the screen. Everything seemed a lot slower with version 7 (on XP SP3 on a one core processor machine).

I don’t know what version I had installed, perhaps it was v5, who knows. But this version 6 seems to be performing like the one before, and with a newer and more user friendly GUI. Thanks.