GNU Debugger (gdb) and guard32.dll == crash

Hi, after installing Comodo Firewall (latest version) on my development computer, I can no longer use gdb. When I try to run an app in the debugger, it crashes with a segfault, and shows the following message:

0x012877b7 in guard32!?Exported@@YAXXZ() from C:\WINDOWS\system32\guard32.dll

I have read that this is a known issue, but is this expected to be fixed any time soon? As a software developer I use gdb all of the time. I’ll have to look for another firewall if this issue can’t be resolved (unfortunately, since I like Comodo, and am using it on other computers as well).

As far as I know stuff about what is happening under the hood I know that CIS will inject the guard32.dll in each process.

Do you see alerts under View Defense + Alerts (Defense + → Common Tasks) around the time the debugger crashes?

have you tried to add the debugger executables to exclusions of buffer overflow protection?
CIS → Defense+ → Advanced → Image Execution Control setting → Exclusions

often such crashes are caused bu a memory leak in the crashing software.

Eric: Actually, Defense+ was disabled when the crash occurred. When I get a chance I’ll post the logs, though.

dchernyakov: I’ll try adding it to the exclusion list, thanks.

This happens on every program I run in the debugger, by the way.

Odd, I downloaded the latest version and this issue hasn’t happened since, even though it pretty much always happened before. Did you guys update Comodo?

I’ll let you know as soon as it happens again and post the log.

It is strange… I`ve installed the 3.14.130099.587 version and I get same error.