GMER is showing this, any info?

Attached is the screenshot

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run it and check it out!

I ran kaspersky tdss, didn’t found anything.

Change the parameters.

Open tdsskiller>>change parameters>>enable detection of TDSS file system>>click OK>>now try running it and delete the TDSS file system if found.

U can also try CCE

I already tried what you mentioned, both TDSS with changed parameters & CCE but nothing found. HitmanPro & MBAM too found nothing.

I know about the CTM entry.

I asked about the first entry to get some info as it mentioned rootkit like behaviour.

It’s just detecting the CTM bootloader, nothing to worry about.
the use of the ‘Home’ button at startup is build in the MBR, that’s why GMER detects a ‘changed’ and running other code MBR thus → Suspicious.

GMER returned the same entry on my PC, when I had OpenHardwareMonitor turned on. Turning it off makes the entry disappear.