Gmer and Comodo Time Maschine?


I have on my PC Win 7 and installed Comodo Time Maschine its great app thank you.

But today i scan my PC and Gmer found system modification bye Rootkit activity?
Device Harddisk0 sector22 rootkit like behavior copy of MBR?

is this FP from Gmer about Time Maschine ?


I think GMER is either error-prone, or just detects “root-kit” activity, which may be similar to what CTM does. CTM “embeds” itself into your system at a low level (it seems to me), something a root-kit may also do.

Thank you LaserWraith for answer.Just deinstalled Time Maschine and scan again with Gmer and foun nothing :slight_smile: Seems its False Alarm, now can i install CTM again.

thx and bye