Gmail through Thunderbird

I’m a noob who just installed Comodo Firewall. Everything seems to be going fine, except Thunderbird can no longer access my Gmail accounts. I get an error message that says it cannot get access to the SMTP server. Same thing with Outlook. Is there something special I need to do?

If you disable the firewall, does it work? Check the firewall events log to see if the apps are blocked. On the summary page under Network Defense it tells you how many intrusions have been blocked so far. Click on the number and it displays the log.

If Outlook and Thunderbird are listed, then you must modify the rule to allow smtp and POP traffic. There is a predefined rule (email client) available.

To modify rules: Under the Firewall tab, choose Advanced > Network Security Policy > Applications Rules.

You should be able to work it out from there, it is rather intuitive.

Hope this helps


I have uninstalled the Firewall, and it still won’t work. In fact, I’m trying to uninstall Thunderbird so I can reinstall it and start over and now I can’t uninstall Thunderbird!!! I’ve tried the usual Control Panel Add/Remove app, as well as Glary Utilities. I can uninstall other programs, so that’s not the problem. Frankly, I’m a little stumped at this point. I think something must have gotten corrupted somewhere, and it is scaring me off of Firewall. I’ve got to figure out how to brute-force uninstall Thunderbird so I can get my email back, then I’ll get back to the Firewall issue. BTW, I can get on my email account with no problem through Gmail’s web service. I’ve also tried deleting my email account in TBird and setting it up again, but it says my password is invalid; hence, my decision to start from scratch. I know I’m drifting away from a Firewall discussion, but I’m a little flummoxed at this point, and I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks!

I’ll add my $0.02 as I’ve been having the same problem a long time and have found no solution. I am using Seamonkey (similar to Firefox+Thunderbird). I have Win XP Pro/SP 3 with the same FW (Comodo) and the same AV (Avira Antivir Premium) on two computers, home and work. The one at home can access gmail’s pop server using either Seamonkey and MailwasherPro, but neither program can access it from the computer at work. I even used remote desktop to log into my work computer and check gmail from both computers at the same time, to be sure I was really entering the same password in both. I just had to uninstall Comodo for another reason (trying unsuccessfully to update), and it hasn’t helped. The error message says the connection was refused.

It began happening when the internet access at work began to go through a network server and firewall instead of a router, and when the internet account became a static IP address. I don’t have any trouble accessing any other mailservers from work, and I don’t have trouble viewing gmail on their website. AFAIK our job network is not blocking any outgoing access (no restricted websites, etc.) I wondered if it was related to the static IP, whether Google had it blocklisted for some reason.