Gmail recent update crashing IE7 and Firefox

For those that use Gmail,

if you look after you open your account and look to the top right you will see New or Old. The default is new.

This is not happening to everyone or I would be hearing a louder yell (:AGY)

The change over / update probably occurred less that 2 weeks ago. For myself after I logoff one of my email accounts and try to x out I will get a popup that an error message needs to be created and sent to Microsoft. Sometimes it will stall slightly during this process and then after the message is sent and I click close on that popup, IE7 crashes and goes back to the desktop “Every Time”.
Anything in or uses IE7 is lost. Just recently discovered that it will crash quicker when I try and use the Delete Spam button.

Programs like Qnext that run independently are fine.

Also read that this is happening to some Firefox users?

Till this point in time, not a peep from Google, either publicly or privately. Sent them a “Contact” message about the problem.

Just curious if this might be happening to anyone else here. (:SAD)


Use Thunderbird, POP/IMAP and SMTP. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have been using Gmail over Yahoo mail and to keep my ISP mail isolated. So an immediate switch to try these will not be soon.

I guess I am one of the few that is having this problem, although in searching forums those that I do find information on the new Gmail Update crashing IE7 or Firefox there are several complaints but no cures? (:AGY)

I had hoped to install the new Comodo Firewall v3 around 3-4 weeks after its initial release, but now I am not sure when ?

I know the Comodo Team will have most current problems with the CPF release resolved by then.
(:SAD) But I do not want to install CPF v3, knowing that Gmail will crash IE and I will lose almost everything currently opened in IE7. And as I said several using the new Gmail with Firefox are also having problems!


Seems like Google has some of the problems fixed :BNC No crashing in the usual manner! But I now find clicking on certain links in an email stalls IE.

In most instances I find that if the email link stalls, I can manually obtain the information via IE excluding Gmail.

Never did really read any anouncements from Google about the Gmail crashes, wonder how quickly they will resolve links stalling in Gmail emails? :THNK

This must have been a rare occurance because of the lack of response here (:SAD) and I was one of the unfortunate Gmail users that had to put up with it.


Spoke TOO Soon. (:AGY)

Yesterday evening I was able to open and close 2 of my Gmail acounts 15 to 20 times without getting the error message and IE7 crashing. (:AGY)

Since then computer has not been shut down or rebooted and no new software installed.
This morning I checked the primary Gmail email account and closing it caused IE7 to crash again (:AGY)

Hope Google or even Microsoft might issue some sort of fix Soon! :THNK