Gmail IMAP and Thunderbird really slow

I had been looking for something like this for a while, did look at Enigmail for Thunderbird, but didn’t feel like going through the set up.
Anyway, I’m having some trouble with my configuration. I can’t find a real decent set-up help for Thunderbird, but excuse me if there is.

The thing is, Gmail IMAP is being really slow. When I open a 23 KB email, I click it, the pop-up shows up, I have to wait over a minute before it actually shows up. Downloading isn’t the problem, that takes about 1 or 2 seconds. But then it just hangs for a full minute or more. With emails of about 10 MB it’s even worse. It’s the same in both my Gmail accounts.
I also have an IMAP for my college mail, which works just fine, opening a 50KB email takes about 4 seconds

I’m guessing my port settings are wrong or something like that, but I don’t know what I should change them to.
In Thunderbird:
GMail #1: port 993, no security
GMail #2: port 993, no security
College Mail: port 1994, no security
GMail #1 SMTP: port 587, no security

Automatically encrypt email
Decryption turned off
Certificate for Gmail #1 (as that’s my SMTP)
Gmail: Port 993, SSL turned on
College Mail: Port 993, SSL turned on, use different port: 1994

I also sometimes get the pop-up that the servername hosting is wrong and that security cannot be guaranteed, something like that

I’m on Vista SP1, if that matters

Hope you guys can help me out, I really like the functionality, but I can’t work with my email program like this.

I guess I forgot to add:
*Your Operating System and Whether if it is 64 bit or 32 bit.
Vista SP1 32 bit

*Security Software installed (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, etc).
Avast, Comodo Firewall Pro with Defense+, Spybot Search and Destory (not active, just as scanner)

Hi, MaxManifest

This issue is known issue of CSE IMAP protocol processing and we are fixing it now. (CSE has no such issues with POP3 or SMTP).

I’ll post here as soon as we fix it.

Thanks for using Comodo SecureEmail product.

Regards, Eugene

Hello , first time user also having problems with using XP SP3 , IE7 , outlook express with gmail pop3 SSL and secure mail doesnt connect to enable me to get mail , i cant even get the certificate i sent for and also when it checks the gmail pop and smtp it hangs on outlook , complete crash . I can disable it for gmail and use it with other non SSL servers and its fine and works , so why is there is gmail problem and i cant even check my gmail now unless i drop using your program and now with this uninstall issue i read on here , sounds like a format hard drive to get it out too ?

I have a question about this program. I installed it yesterday and the installation was troublefree. I have it integrated in thunderbird and incredimail. I use smtp and pop servers. I have been sending some test mails to se how it works and if i add a mp3 file for example, 7mb, first thunderbird connects and send my email. Then Securemail pops up and sending it to, but it goes really really slow! Uses 4-5 min to send this small file.

I have a 10000/10000 internet line, so thats not the problem. Vista Home Premium 64bit sp1, comodo IS 3.5, Boclean, Superantispyware realtime,

Why is it so slow sending?

Hi, waffle

CSE is compatible with Gmail.
Can you show your settings for Gmail in both: Outlook Express and CSE?
Screenshots are preffered :).
CSE has no known uninstall issues - so You don’t need to format your hard drive to uninstall it successfullly :slight_smile:

Hope your issue would be resolved soon.
Feel free to ask any questions on CSE.

Regards, Eugene

Hi, Subgud

We have no known such issue with POP and SMTP protocols.
Does this e-mail (e-mail with attachment 7mb) takes the same time for sending?
Note: this e-mail after encryption and signing would have a size in 1.3-1.7 times more then regular one.

Probably one of AV tools is rechecking this e-mail. We are testing this environment now and I will post any new information.

Thanks for choosing COMODO!

Regards, Eugene

Any progress with CSE and the IMAP protocol? I’m having the same problem as described MaxManifest in the original post in this thread…

I would love to use CSE, but i can’t wait for over a minute per email!