Globally configure HIPS to monitor only certain actions?

Is there a way to globally configure HIPS so that it will monitor only certain selected actions?
Clearly, you can do this with a specific process. But can you do it globally? For instance, so it will not alert for modifying registry and protected files. These two actions tend to produce a lot of alerts.

Thanks. I should have seen that by myself.

If I can fine-tune the question a little:
When I run HIPS in proactive config, paranoid mode, I find myself bombarded by alerts about windows processes that are making registry modifications.
Are there certain kinds of registry keys that I can exclude from protection, without compromising security too much, and only monitor the ones that a regular windows process or user-initiated application should not be messing with?

Maybe the answer to my question is to just use firewall config, instead of proactive config, but still set HIPS to paranoid.
What do you think?

Thing is with registry protection you will get alerts even if an application is not modifying the registry, but instead is only trying to read a registry key. You could add additional windows applications to the windows system applications file group to reduce alerts from windows system processes.

Nope, Firewall config is not the answer. Even in paranoid mode, if you allow a process to run an executable, it will get permission to run all executables. That is not the behavior I am looking for. Only Proactive config/Paranoid mode gives real control over application execution.