Global Warming

I’m not going to believe for now that human activity can change the climate --let alone neutralize natural changes. And more to the point, one thing we know for sure for example, is that at some time during the Middle Ages vines could be grown in England, and Greenland (hence the name it received) had much less ice than it has now or will in a lot of time, and there was nothing similar to the mayhem we’re told that we will unleash if temperatures rise just for a couple of degrees, to levels still well below those medieval levels. Another thing we know is that during past eras the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere was naturally around 20 times higher than it’s now --and now only a tiny fraction is artificial.

You can see how much carbon dioxide causes each fossil fuel and activitity here (it’s for the US only but it can give you an idea). However as Ragwing said, natural gas (mostly methane, CH4) is itself a greenhouse effect gas, and moreover it causes over 20 times a more powerful effect than the same amount of CO2; and whenever you use it some portion will leak out. Also about methane, and according to a UN report, cattle’s farts cause as much greenhouse effect as the whole transportation sector worldwide --seriously. I don’t know if the UN’s researching the climate impact of human farts through, I guess it ought to.

As for alternative energy sources, well the problem is that they just can’t satisfy our demands. And it’s not that they need more research, wind energy is based on technology that’s one century old, and solar energy has proven itself completely worthless, the silicon for the panels taking more energy to manufacture (in furnaces at extreme temperatures) than they’ll ever generate. Hydroelectricity is of course completely clean, but it’s not enough on its own.

That’s about the most stupid thing I ever heard. In Sweden we have elk hunting, and they said it was good because it was positive for the climate because they fart.
Would it be called “positive for the climate” if I started to kill people because they fart? I would probably get sentenced to a lifetime in prison or be sent to some mental hospital.
Oh come on, we can’t blame the animals for it. Theoretically we could blame like everything that lives, since they produce carbon dioxide while transforming glucose to energy.
Animals (yes, human is an animal) fart and breathe, and it hasn’t affect the climate at all, so why would it now?

Hey I’m not the one saying that it’s bad for the environment. :stuck_out_tongue: Actually don’t be surprised if you start to hear soon that it’s humans who’re to blame for cow’s farts since we breed them, and that we must stop eating meat because it indirectly causes global warming. Heck I have already heard it:

And PETA challenged Al Gore to go vegetarian:

However I don’t think someone like Al Gore, who already uses 20 times (heck everything is 20 times today) :stuck_out_tongue: as much energy as the average American, will feel too pressed to stop eating meat; preaching is more profitable (literally) than putting words to action.

And about the humans, ever since Malthus’s times population control has been proposed again and again (and in China it’s happening):

However let it be clear that I do NOT concur with any of this.

A bit late but here is my view:

Yes CO2 emission has increased over the years, but I do not believe it has increased to a level where disasters are happening everywhere. Earth goes through changes it gets warmer and colder, it is a natural process, maybe the increased CO2 emissions had some effect, but I believe that effect was very minimal.

In my opinion, at this time Global Warming should not be a huge concern, I believe we should focus on creating more energy efficient technology and move away from the fossil fuels (Oil, Coal, etc…), preserving animal habitats, and stop cutting down all of the trees that we do they have more of an effect on plants, animals, and even humans then global warming at this time.

In fact, if we can accomplish what I’ve said above, then the risk of global warming would be much smaller.

Compared to some of the other things going on in our world, global warming is not a big concern at the moment as it is not having much of an effect, and remember the green house gases have been around and most likely always will.

Sooner or later someone would get Al Gore on something. Very predictable, history repeating itself and so on. To me what he does in his private life is of no consequence at this level of discussions. It matters to me what he says.
Someone who defends the restriction of smoking in public areas can be a smoker imo. He’s saying if we all do this, i’m in.

BTW, Malthus is a pillar for some of the most important economics books in the early days. And no you don’t have to agree with him, but you shouldn’t dismiss it just because :slight_smile:

But it’s all connected. Don’t you agree with the guy in the video? The biggest disadvantage of taking action is a possible economic depression. Personally, i even argue with that. I think economic depression is not a real risk, not if you do it right. On the contrary, you should boost the economy in the long run by innovating at that level. Google Kondratiev, Schumpeter.