Global settings check boxes

Having trouble understanding what the check boxes are for on the left side of the list.

I thought I had to check them to enable the items but when I come back later I see the check boxes are all cleared so what is the purpose of these check boxes?

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re talking about? Do you mean the check boxes next to the global rules? Or the actual firewall settings?

Yes, as per the title I refer to the Global Settings.

I think I worked it out. The check boxes are almost redundant and have nothing to do with anything much. It appears it just sets the tick if an item is selected for editing.Nothing to do with allowing or disallowing the rule. Correct me if I’m wrong.
At any rate this is a trivial thing now as I’m seriously looking at booting the whole thing out as the program is preventing lots of startup programs from starting and preventing IE and Firefox from even working. I might be wrong but it’s weird how Dragon works OK but all the others have stopped.

Do you have other security software installed alongside CIS? Unlikely that CIS is preventing firefox and IE from working and it sounds like an incompatibility with something installed.

Thank you for your comments.
I have Norton Internet Security and was happy to run Comodo Firewall alongside NIS with the NIS firewall disabled.
NIS has never prevented IE and Firefox from loading. I have now uninstalled Comodo Firewall and everything is back to normal.