Global rulesets are NOT visible after reinstall, but getting msg saying already

exists!! So for some reason I had issues with the firewall. Uninstalled it, and then reinstalled the suite, virus and firewall. I am entering the global rules again and getting a msg that they already exist, yet they are NOT in the drop down list or anywhere that I can find. Need help. Thanks.

Have you used the Official Comodo Uninstaller v3.1.0.45 Released before installing again as it seems that you have some remnants of previous CIS installation on your system.

uninstall with cleanup tool then reinstall again


Thx will give that a try.

Nope, still does not work. Indicates that ruleset already exists when it is not listing or shown. Used the uninstaller as suggested.

Post some screenshots so we can see what’s happening.

Is there a file somewhere, perhaps in reg, etc that the main program references for the rulesets? Perhaps it is referencing some file that was left over after the uninstall?

CIS settings and rules are stored in the registry. If you know (part of) the global rule name that’s conflicting you can search for it in the registry.

maybe using Revo Uninstaller could help (I never used it with CIS)

Without showing us screenshots which clearly shows the error message and whats going on I don’t believe there is such issue.