global rules

hi every body,
my question,is it normal that in my “global rules” ,there is 5 rules and all of them ,they are block?please
and there is nothing authorize.


Hi prince32.

As far as I remember, it’s not normal. Please post a screen shot.

first thanks to answer me.
if it is not too much to ask you,is it possible to say me how can i do a screen shot please?

EDIT: i found how do it,there is:

It is normal. Those are the new default rules for the Internet Security configuration.

Toggie, are you using the Proactive configuration? Just activate the Internet Security configuration for a few moments and look at the Global Rules.

Ah! Thanks Eric, i’d forgotten the default settings for that, I always load my own config right after installation… My bad.

so every thing is all right?

Everything is alright. Nothing to worry about.