Global Rules Question


If I have deleted the “default” global rules that came with CFP3, does that leave my system open? I’m guessing not as the application rules when then take effect. Just wanted to check though.

Btw, I had to delete the GR’s are they were affecting my system (slow logon and outlook not working). Without these GR’s, my system seems to work better.


You do not need global rules. Especially if your behind a hardware firewall. The only global rule I use is for P2P.

Hi Vettetech

So, if there are no global rules, inbound connections will still be made to the listening application? Maybe I’m thinking of CFP2, but I thought you had to manually add inbound rules as everything was blocked by default.

Stangely, after deleting my GR’s, CFP3 has started taking a while to logon again :'(.


Just FYI and giggles:

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