Global rules not working

I’m running CFP with D+ disabled and CFP in Safe Mode on Windows XP Pro SP2. The problem is, that the global rules seems to be not working. Even though I have added rules to allow all incoming trafic where source is and allow all outgoing traffic where target is I still get a nag, ie. if I want to allow explorer.exe to receive UDP datagram from and how should I treat explorer.exe.

I’ve got the same problem when I try to log onto my desktop via PPTP VPN (on h/w VPN Router), despite of the fact I’ve also added similar rule for which is used in my VPN server for PPTP connections.

When I add same rules, but for explicited applications (ie. explorer.exe) it works fine.

hey i have similar issue.
i have this global rule, but i still have to make application rule to connect to LAN

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Where you have the LAN and VPN Zone it looks like you have just put in the 1 address/subnet mask.
Try and edit them to incorporate the addresses you require.


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It seems CFP works as expected: for every connection it checks global rules and application rules. If global rules allow connection, CFP checks rules of target application. If passed, connection is allowed silently.