Global Rules Multiple Home Networks [Resolved]

I’m a complete noob with home networks. Never set one up before, so I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. Somehow over the last 3 months I ended up with 3 home networks and a work network (maybe this is the result of imported settings? I had to reinstall CFW because connections weren’t showing up in the connections pane). Is there any protocol for getting rid of all but one home network? Don’t want to accidently remove a bunch of rules somehow.

Also, does the presence of multiple home networks in Comodo correlate to multiple home networks in Windows. Just want the one.

Open manage networks tasks and take note of which network zone name you are connected to. Then open the network zones settings and remove all those that doesn’t match the one you are not connected to but leave the loopback zone. Then ok the window to save the changes.


One general security question. Ran ipconfig /all, and I noticed 2 LACs. One is the computer (LAC1), but I’m not sure what the other one is. It says it is a TAP-Windows adapter v9 and Media disconnected. Want to get the local area connection settings cleaned up to set up a clean local network.

Also, the work network shows up in Manage Networks, but I think I may have accidently chosen that when I first installed Comodo. With the one Home network in place too can I safely remove the Work network in Network Zones?

The TAP adapter is usually used for VPN software so it won’t be connected unless you’re using a VPN connection.

Yes if both the Home and Work network zone use the same addressing scheme. Or you can delete both and reboot and wait for CIS to ask to treat the detected connection as.

OK thanks for the information. I have Windscribe installed, so that would explain the VPN.

Thumbs up for v10. Looks to me like a big step forward. Thanks again.