Global rules - logging bug - incoming ICMP (CPF v3.0.18.309., x32, XP SP2)

It seems that the logging option ‘Log as firewall event when this rule is fired’ doesn’t work for ‘Allow’ rules created in ‘Global rules’.

I rebooted just to confirm this.

It’s the same here too.

Same here, don’t work.

I’ve tested these protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and the ‘Allow’ rule with ‘log’ option enabled. Both directions of connections were tested. Logging bug has been fixed for outgoing connections, but there is a problem for incoming connections. For allowed incoming ICMP packets wrong icon is displayed(Asked instead of Allow) and only one entry is shown in event log.

Can you post a screenshot of the log and what incoming ICMP packets are logged only once with a test case?

Is it only once per ICMP type, only once per ICMP traffic (only the first ICMP is logged even if after that packed the host received other types of ICMP), only once per ICMP type from each specific IP or only once per ICMP traffic from each specific IP? ???

I can confirm this too in CFP but Block and log ICMP works fine

attached the snapshot


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