Global rules are not saved and not working

I try to allow any connections from the computer in my home network.
And I can’t accomplish this simple task.
Here is what I do:
I go to the Firewall tasks → Open advanced settings → Global rules
and add a rule which allows any connection from (see the comodo1.png screenshot).
Then I press OK and nothing changes - I still can’t connect from that copmputer, but when I turn Comodo off - I can.
When I try to open Global Rules again - I see that the “active” checkbox is not set (see comodo2.png). I check it again, press OK, reopen the advances settings and again see that the checkbox is not checked.
Looks like a bug to me, or some very unexpected behavior.
Also I think that the previous versions of Comodo firewall were better and simpler.

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You need to make two separate rules in Global Rules. One for incoming traffic and one for outgoing traffic to This behaviour has not changed from v5 to v6; it has always worked like this.

You also may need to adapt the application rule for System for successful sharing with the other pc.

Why should I make two separate rules if there is an “In/out” direction option?
Something is seriously wrong with the usability of the application.

You don’t, however you do need to make a rule where is the destination and where is the source otherwise you can only receive packets but not send them.

The checkboxes are not for whether the rule is active or not, it’s for choosing several rules when you want to for example remove rules, so all rules in the list are always active unless removed from the list.

I did as you said, and the problem remains :frowning:
See the attached screenshot.

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What does the firewall logs say?

The Global Rules look ok as far as we can tell from a screenshot.

Next step is to adapt the rule for System to allow for incoming traffic from and outgoing traffic to the other computer.

In v5 this was done by an option in the Stealth Ports Wizard which was removed in v6.