Global rule to allow all dll interceptions

Hello All,

This is my first post at this forum! Howz every thing going on? Eagerly waiting for v4 (Where the usuability is improved…)
I like the CIS (Defense +) very much, except too much pop-ups for dll interception by any executable file. Which is the reason i have chosen other free security (PC Tools Firewall plus) program. I just saw a Post (by Agile [at], 17th post) which he created some global rule to hide this dll interception with out making CIS compromising its security. With this i intend to use it CIS again, provided if anyone can help me (or even ‘agile’) in create that kind of rule with out compromising the security.

Please Note:

  1. I’m still novice in using CIS and its pop-ups. Please forgive me if i have asked/written in a wrong way.
  2. I’m downloading the latest version now and install it as soon as it gets downloaded.

B/w. i could only download at ~10KB/sec. Is server is busy or problem with my net connection. (my net connection speed is 2mbps/sec)

Thanks in advance.