global rule(s) to allow shared folder/application [resolved]

yo it’s me ;D

i upgraded my OS to windows 7 pro & installed CIS 4.
i can’t access the network drive unless i turn off the firewall.

here’s my global rules (attached),i made the additional rule (first rule) to allow shared printer application, what have i done wrong? ???

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Hi MG,

At first site nothing unless 192.168.0 isn’t your local network, can you check the firewall log to see what kind of traffic get’s blocked.
Probably to port TCP 139 and or 445?

ow, sorry hon, i forgot this thread even exist ;D
already solved the problem…got help from someone :-TU

used the stealth port wizard to define trusted network.
i deleted my stupid rule :allow ip in/out & use these (attached)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Suffering short-time memory loss Ganda :wink: