Global Hook popup and Internet Access


This one has been bothering me a while and I wanted to make sure that I understand this popup correctly. Please see the attached image of a screenshot of the popup:

Now in this case what I read is that a program that I use to cut audio files (MP3 Splitter and Joiner) is trying to access the internet by using Firefox. (probably checking for updates, but who knows what it’s doing). The point is that shouldn’t need access to the internet to function so I clicked the ‘Deny’ button and checked the checkbox that reads ‘Remember my answer for this application’.

This did not work the way I thought it would. It stopped Firefox from accessing any websites. I had read that popup (and my action) as “If Firefox tries to access the internet through automation by MP3 Splitter and Joiner then deny it access and don’t ask me again.” What really appeared to happen was that Comodo took my action to the question as “If Firefox tries to access the internet then deny it access and don’t ask me again.”

Was I wrong to think it should have behaved the way I wanted it to?

Worse yet is that even after closing the audio application I received the same popup about 15 minutes later. There’s absolutely no need for the application to access the internet much less access it when I’m not even using it. Maybe it set itself up to automatically check until it connects. I don’t know.

How can I block automation attempts without blocking the application completely. In my screenshot I show the audio application but I have several other applications that behave the same way - each prompting me with essentially the same messaging. If I deny I disable Firefox from working the way it should. It’s not as easy as disabling the application completely either. Sometimes I may choose a function in an application that needs internet access. In that case I want it to connect (let’s say I select ‘Check for Updates’ from a menu. In other cases the application may arbitrarily decide to connect on it’s own without interaction on my part. I don’t want this to happen and I wouldn’t mind a popup to appear at that time.

Am I explaining this problem correctly? Any help would be appreciated. This is the most annoying aspect of the Comodo firewall imo. :frowning:

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