Global COMODO GUI annoyance


This is not a bug, it is by design, but this is an extreme annoyance on a regular basis. Since it is related to all the COMODO products (at least those I know), would you mind taking a look at this thread:;topicseen

Would mind considering changing this behavior and allow the main GUI/sub windows of the COMODO applications to be independent ? - such feature is nothing to implement, but what a relieve from the perspective of the end users. Thanks.

  • Related to Comodo System Cleaner only > Utilities > System Information > Hardware/software, the windows cannot be expended and the separator inside the window is static (this is a GUI Bug)

This is in the wishlist and has been acknowledged. v4 will have a new GUI, so may I suggest patience for that?
Also, if you have ideas for improving the GUI for usability, please PM Melih and ask to be admitted as a member of the Usability Study group. This will give you a board with which to discuss your ideas, and to see what has already been discussed for the upcoming v4.

Glad to read that and thanks for your suggestion to join the Usability Study group.