GLBF795.tmp is showing as possible malwarewhen loading a new file

I am trying to update a program and execute another one. They are both from CoffeeCup a trusted supplier.

When I try to load the downloaded programs Comodo says
GLBF795.tmp could not be recognised…
and says it could be possible malware

I have done a thorough virus scan (Eset NOD), adaware scan, and Spybot S&D scan and they come up clear.

I contacted the supplier and received a reply from the VP Of Product Development saying
“I have never used Comodo before so I downloaded the trial and then tried to use both those programs and I received no errors. It could be you have an outdated DAT file. If you still get errors, you may want to contact Comodo directly and ask them why you are getting this false positive.”

Do you know this file and why it would be activated when i click on the .exe file
Is it safe


It could be a false positive. What version of CIS are you running?